Friday, August 23, 2013

Inexpensive Home Decor Project - Painting

Another great, inexpensive home decor project is painting. Applying a fresh coat of paint to the walls can really renew the appearance of the home. Fresh paint covers up hand prints, smudges and small chips in the paint. While these blemishes might not draw attention individually, they can collectively make an impression without being readily noticeable.

Painting Techniques

Just adding a new coat of paint can make a difference, but there are also other painting techniques that can improve your home's appearance. Some of these techniques include:

  • Murals - if you have an artistic side, this one might appeal to you
  • Faux Painting - this is the technique of painting that appears to be a texture
  • Stencils - this technique can be great for kids rooms or inspirational messages in strategic locations
You might be saying to yourself, "I don't know anything about painting". Take heart! You can get a lot of tutoring online in the form of how to paint web pages and even videos. And if you are willing to splurge, you can always pay someone else to do the actual work.

Whatever the case, painting can be an inexpensive home decor project that can improve your home's appearance.

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