Friday, August 9, 2013

Evironmentally Safe Flooring Choices - Tile

In a previous post, I explained that I am writing a series of floor covering posts in which I will be discussing environmentally safe flooring options and in the last post I talked about the factors that make stone flooring a green choice for protecting the environment. Here I will discuss some of the things to consider when choosing tile as a floor covering material.

Tile flooring can be made up a variety of materials. To gauge the degree of environmental friendliness, the buyer needs to know what is in the tile. You will want to be sure to research the materials that comprise the flooring so that you can make an educated decision regarding the company and the product.

If you are wondering what types of things can contribute to the 'green index' of the tile, here are some ideas I found on a web site that sells tile flooring:

One aspect of environmentally friendly tile flooring is the process of manufacturing the tile. Gaining as much information as you can on the the manufacturing process can help you to see if the end product is something you would choose to use in your project.

An additional aspect of measuring the tile's 'friendliness' to the environment is the material itself. There are many substances that can be added to the 'mix'. Knowing what materials are used in the tile's construction an help you decide which tile to choose for your home or business. For example, is the tile constructed of partly recycled material? If so, what material was used?

As with many of the substances that I have considered in this series of posts, tile comes in a variety of kinds and the more information you have about the process and the substances as well as the rate at which the material is replenished, the more comfortable you will be with your decision.

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