Monday, August 26, 2013

Inexpensive Home Decor Project - Crown Molding

The first post in our series covering inexpensive home decor projects that we wanted to share is one that can truly make a difference in the appearance of your home without requiring special knowledge or extensive experience as a carpenter.

Crown Molding

This home decor technique is simple, yet effective and can create a dramatic change in the appearance of the room in which it is installed. Crown molding enables one's eye to clearly distinguish the borders where ceilings and walls may be similar in color. In rooms where the walls contrast with the ceiling, crown molding bridges the gap between the two and adds a complimentary piece of decor to the room.

Crown molding comes in a variety of materials and an array of designs. It can be purchased in strips and with a few tools that many home already have, can be installed relatively easily with very basic skills.

Further more, it is fairly easy to find instructions for installing it by browsing the internet. In fact, one set of such instructions can be found here:

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