Monday, August 5, 2013

Evironmentally Safe Flooring Choices - Stone

As mentioned in a previous post, I am writing a series of floor covering posts in which I will discuss floor coverings that are safe for the environment. In the last post I talked about bamboo flooring and in this post, I will discuss some of the environmentally friendly benefits of stone.

When it comes to Eco-friendly flooring, you readily think of stone as a material that ranks up toward the top of the list, then again, you may not know the specific reasons why that may be the case. A quick look at a list of items to consider when contemplating environmentally friendly building materials will show that stone has some important factors mentioned on that list. Here are things to keep in mind about stone flooring.


No doubt that the durability of stone contributes to its popularity with many which may play a part in its being listed as one of the ten natural building materials in this list. After all, stone has existed for countless years even prior to its being installed in a home as a floor covering.  Additionally, the material is hard and that makes it durable as well. Since it is so long lasting, stone floors do not require replacing as frequently which translates into a green benefit.

All Natural Material

Another factor that makes the stone flooring choice appealing to those that are concerned about the environment is the rate at which it is regenerated. Since stone is a natural material it is being replenished regularly and does not require manufacturing plants. True, it does need to be harvested, but it stands to reason that processing a natural material would require less resources than producing and then processing a comparable material.

Another point that contributes to benefit of stone being a natural material is that is already earth friendly, since it is technically part of the planet and is easily cleaned without the need for harsh chemicals. Your choice of sealer is an important contributor to how environmentally friendly your stone flooring will ultimately be. Consider using a low toxic sealer.

Temperature Efficiency

Stone is a material that acts as a thermal mass when used in the proper manner. This technique used in building can result in heating and cooling efficiency increases which leads to not only a cost savings but also to a savings in resources.

In closing, stone is a material that can be used as an effective tool for offsetting the use of resources that are not so environmentally friendly. Its durability, and efficiency are properties that enhance the appeal of this natural material.

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