Thursday, November 21, 2013

Natural Stone Tile Choices

Rocks, they are everywhere. Yet, many people have found that natural stones make very attractive and durable floor covering solutions. In the next few posts of this tile flooring series, we will take a look at a variety of natural stone materials and consider the pros and cons of each type of stone. 

However, there are some characteristics that the whole group of materials share. We will take a brief look at these characteristics in this post.

Benefits and Characteristics of Natural Stone Tile

One of the biggest benefits of natural stone as a floor covering, is the distinct, unique beauty that is evident in every piece. Whether you are drawn to the rugged, durable look of slate or the smooth, clean look of marble, you can appreciate that a floor constructed from a natural material has the potential for creating a completely personalized look. This characteristic of natural stone flooring allows it to be used for custom designs and remodels.

In addition to the distinctive looks that can be achieved with a natural stone floor covering, the material is relatively easy to maintain compared to other kinds of hard surfaces. Its durability is also a benefit that makes natural stone a desirable surface.

In the next few posts, we will look at some different natural stone materials and discuss the properties of these.

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