Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Available Tile Choices - Porcelain

In a previous discussion in this series of posts we looked at ceramic tile flooring and some of its qualities. In this discussion, we will take a look at porcelain tile and see how it compares and measures up to its counterpart.

Porcelain Tile Properties

If you read the post covering the ceramic tile properties, you have already seen some of the advantages to porcelain tile as compared with other hard floor covering materials. porcelain is actually a kind of ceramic material that carries some additional benefits. One of the most prominent features that cause people to go with porcelain tile is that it can be used outside and is not subject to moisture retention and cracking like its non-porcelain ceramic counterpart.

While porcelain tile is less prone to breaking from temperature change, that does mean that it is not as inexpensive as the tile option we previously discussed. Additionally, porcelain material is more difficult to install than regular ceramic tile. A big reason for this is that specific tools are needed to cut porcelain tile and this makes the install process a bit more challenging.

The durability of porcelain flooring is not to be confused with a plain, drab appearance. Porcelain can match the beauty and appearance of hardwood flooring without the maintenance and care that is required for genuine wood. This blend of durability combined with an attractive, wood-like appearance makes porcelain a definite choice for many.

In the end, if your set on a ceramic floor covering that is resistant to temperature change or you are seeking a wood floor that is durable and easy to care for, and you do not mind paying a bit more, then porcelain might be the way to go.

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