Sunday, June 30, 2013

Cut Pile Carpeting Benefits

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cut Pile Carpet

To say that there are across-the-board advantages to cut pile carpeting would not be accurate. Just like there are many different 'grades' of equipment and service, there is also a variety of quality in carpet. Even within a specific grade of carpeting there will exist variance from type to type. These variances, depending on how each person views them, are what can be viewed as advantages and disadvantages.

I my previous post, I covered a simple breakdown of carpeting types and described the various aspects of a standard carpet. This post will consider the carpets of the cut pile family and mention very briefly some of the features that people are drawn to according to the carpet type.


The first carpet type of the cut pile carpet type that we will consider is Saxony. Saxony cut pile carpet is often described as 'lush' by those that describe it. By lush we mean that the carpet feels plentiful and substantial to the feet. This comfortable feeling is considered an advantage when the feel of the carpet is the priority. Keep in mind though that there is always a trade off. And the sacrifice here is durability. However, for some that is a trade that is well worth it.


This cut pile carpet is a hardy, or tough type of carpet. In general, it is shorter than other types and because of this tendency, a disadvantage to the Frieze would be that it is not as appealing to the senses as the Saxony that we mentioned in the previous section. However, it is more durable than other types of cut pile carpet and because of the way the yarn is twisted, foot prints are less noticeable on a Frieze.


These carpets are very soft. Hence, the term plush. The fibers in a Plush carpet are lightly twisted to contribute the 'soft' factor and like the Saxony, Plush carpeting carries the disadvantage of being delicate - even more delicate than the Saxony. The advantage though, is that it is extremely soft to the touch and is a pleasure to stand on.


Like the Frieze carpet, Textured carpet is a durable floor covering that is versatile too. Because the pile is shorter and densely packed, it, like the Frieze carpet hides foot traffic very well, yet is elegant and classical. These advantages make the Textured cut pile carpet very popular.

So there you have it. A brief description of the various kinds of cut pile carpets
and what to consider in the way of advantages if you are thinking of choosing a new carpet for your home. No matter what carpet you choose, it will last longer with regular cleaning and care. But as we have discussed, some are more durable than others while the comfort factor may be something you want to consider.

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