Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Available Tile Choices - Ceramic

This post is the first in a series of posts that will cover a variety of materials used to make tile flooring. The material that we will discuss here is ceramic. Our consideration of ceramic tile will include characteristics of the material.

Characteristics of Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile has many properties that make it a unique choice for anyone looking to install a hard surface as a floor covering. The variety of colors and patterns available make ceramic tile an appealing option. Having a number of color, texture, and pattern choices allows for flexibility when decorating a new or existing home.

Another benefit to choosing ceramic tile is the ease of installation. For many reasons, this material makes installation easier than tiles made from other materials. Additionally, the Internet has many do-it-yourself instructional videos and written tutorials to help newbies with the install. Along with the potential for reducing the labor costs by doing the install oneself, the cost of ceramic tile is often times much lower than other materials.

No material is perfect for everyone. They all have disadvantages and ceramic tile is no exception. One thing to keep in mind when deciding on whether to use ceramic tile flooring is whether the floor is going to be indoor or outdoor. Because of its porous nature, ceramic tile is not a good choice for outdoor use. It can retain moisture and crack under extreme temperature changes.

Finally, ceramic tile can also become slippery if the surface gets wet. This could be a safety concern if the floor will be exposed to moisture. Often times this disadvantage can be overcome by using a rug or floor mat in traffic paths.

Overall, ceramic tile is a popular floor covering material and is used very frequently in kitchens and baths. The ability to install this kind of flooring without the need for a lot of specialized tools makes it a reasonable choice for many do-it-yourself projects.

 Regular cleaning of ceramic tile is recommended and if you would like to know more please feel free to give us a call or contact us through our web site.

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