Sunday, September 22, 2013

Dust Mite Fight - Keep Stuffed Toys Clean

In this series of posts, we are talking about practices that you can take to help with combating dust mites in your home. These regular methods for prevention in addition to regularly having your carpet cleaned by a professional carpet care company can be very effective.

In the last post we talked about the need to keep bed clothing protected and clean by washing and drying them in temperatures higher than 130 degrees along with covering them up appropriately while using them. Here we will briefly consider other items that regularly accompany your young ones that can be overlooked if not specifically mentioned.

Many children have a favorite stuffed toy that they prefer or perhaps yours is not so picky and just likes having something soft to 'cuddle with'. As result, your youngster might spend just as much time with there eyes ears, and nose against a stuffed toy as they do against their bedding. Since this is the case, the cleaning of these childhood favorites is just as necessary as as it is with there bedding.

However, not all stuffed toys are washable. Choosing washable stuffed toys for your little tykes will allow you to keep them clean and unappealing to mites.

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