Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Beware of Unscrupulous Sales Tactics

A while back I wrote a blog post discussing three reasons you should not choose carpet cleaners on price alone and one of those reasons was the topic we are hear discussing. Bait and switch tactics consist of different specifics, but no matter how they vary, each has a common purpose - lure you in with a low price and change the details implied to increase the cost of your bill.

Cheap Carpet Cleaning Comes at a Price

We have all seen the ads or coupons in newspapers or magazines offering a great deal on carpet cleaning. In fact, some of those specials appear to be too good to be true. This article is meant to point to out a specific tactic that unscrupulous carpet cleaners use that make their offers 'to good to be true'.

How this tactic works is the customer schedules an appointment to have the carpet cleaned for the advertised price. However once the 'service technician' arrives, the customer discovers that the coupon does not apply to their specific job. That is when the selling starts based on different rates. these charge can climb rather quickly to a price that is very different from the price you originally saw advertised.

Services do vary and it is possible that you could prefer services in addition to the ones that come with an advertised price, but be on the lookout for a ridiculously low price in an ad. Many of those ads advertise prices that simply cannot be met if a carpet is cleaned appropriately.

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