Saturday, September 21, 2013

Dust Mite Fight - Keep Bedding Clean and Covered

In this series on how to fight dust mites, we are considering a few practical steps that families can take in order to combat the effects of dust mites. While one way that we will discuss in a later post has to do with carpet care, our specialty, there are some other locations in your home that need to be given consideration. In the last post, we took a brief look at the need for bedding that is allergy resistant. However, just having hypo-allergenic bedding is not all you can do to protect you home from dust mites.

How you take care of the bedding can also work to alleviate the effects of these irritating microscopic pests. There are covers for pillows, mattresses, and box springs that can be used to prevent dust mites from taking over the bed.

Additionally, washing your pillow cases, sheets, blankets and mattress pads in hot temperatures assist with eliminating mites that may be in the bedding. The key is the heat so drying the bed clothes in temperatures higher than 130 degrees are beneficial.

These basic laundering and covering methods can go a long way toward helping with dust mite prevention.

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