Monday, July 8, 2013

3 Reasons You Might Need to Replace Your Carpet

Reasons for replacing your carpeting vary. One reason some decide to change the carpet in their home is because they have grown tired of the color or texture of it. Others choose to replace the existing carpet in a newly purchased home, condo or business because you prefer a different color or type. However, there is a time when changing out your carpeting is needed due to more than just style. In this post I will cover three reasons why it might be time to replace your existing carpeting.

Accidental Damage

As the saying goes, "accidents happen", and carpeting is often times the place at which accidents occur. From pet stains to spilled drinks, carpeting can take a pretty heavy "beating". Some stains cannot be removed and some can. Even cleaning carpet stains repeatedly can add to the damage of your carpet if it is not carried out cautiously and in the appropriate manner. Taking preventative steps to protect your carpeting can go a long way in making it last longer.

Wear and Tear

Over time - and in specific areas of your home or business - you will find that the carpeting gets traveled more frequently. These high traffic areas can wear down faster than other parts of the room. The pile may become packed down or even begin to wear through. Using a rug over the areas that receive more traffic than others might prevent the wear and tear, yet the weight can still crush the carpet underneath and cause the pile to become packed down.

Old Age

Even if you prevent stains and minimized the traffic on your carpet, it will still eventually need to be replaced. This is because carpet and the padding underneath, like everything else, ages. Over time, even with regular professional carpet cleaning, the carpet will lose its 'springy' full feel and the padding can begin to stiffen and crack.

In closing then, your carpeting will most likely be subjected to damage, normal wear, and age to one degree or another. Each situation will depend on how strongly each of these affect your carpet.

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