Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Carpet Types Simplified

Understanding Carpet Types

Often times, people think of carpeting in terms of how it looks or how it feels on the feet. In the carpet industry though, carpeting is classified in terms of its construction. This post will serve to breakdown the carpet types into groups. Each carpet type has specific features and setbacks associated with it. However, these details will be covered in later posts on a style-by-style basis.

Carpeting has two basic parts. First, the 'pile'. Pile is the part of the carpet you see and feel. Second, the 'backing'. Backing is part of the carpet that the pile is attached to and is what is attached to the floor during the installation process. Carpeting is generally classified by its pile type and then sub-classed accordingly.
  • Loop Pile
    • Level-Loop
    • Multi-level Loop
    • Berber
  • Cut Pile
    • Saxony
    • Plush
    • FriezĂ©
    • Textured
  • Cut-Loop Pile
From the breakdown list above you can see the three main pile types. A loop pile has yarn that is looped at the visible end. The cut pile is a carpet with the loops cut so that the ends are straight. And finally the cut and loop pile is one that has both kinds of ends on the yarn.

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