Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Are You Allergic to Carpet?

Is Carpeting Allergenic?

That is a fair question and one that should be taken seriously because it can be a health factor for several years since the average wear of carpeting is between five and ten years according to some researchers. So, should you be concerned about carpet allergies?

The short answer to that question is yes. Being concerned about allergies only makes sense, however, some might be surprised at what causes the allergy problems.

Carpeting by itself is, for the most part made from the same materials that clothing is constructed from. Materials such as nylon and polyester. These substances are inert and most people wear them fairly regularly. However, the substances that people are allergic to get trapped in the carpet fibers and can irritate allergies. Yet, there are ways to control and minimize these allergens.

Carpeting is often treated with chemicals designed to adversely affect the particles that many people are allergic to. By asking about low VOC carpet you can reduce the amount of allergy-aggravating gases that can develop from carpet chemicals over time. And don't forget the other chemicals that can contribute to your discomfort and ask about alternative kinds of glues and padding substances.

Choose a material that is effective at controlling allergy aggravating substances. Nylon is the most effective material for this. However, you might want to stay clear of other fibers that are not as allergen repellent.

Above all, be sure to regularly vacuum your carpet and you might look into a HEPA filter. And of course, have a professional clean your carpet regularly to get the tougher stuff that you will miss with a regular vacuuming routine.

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